​To think that we instinctively recognize the best is fatuous arrogance. When we say, ‘We know what we like,’ we really mean, ‘We like what we know.’ And if what you know isn’t good taste, what you like won’t be good taste. Joad, the British philosopher, made this point clear. He wrote: ‘Good taste is not instinctive, but acquired.'”

Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

“A Dissertation on Taste,” February 1955

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October 15, 2019

Katerina Kyselica Participates in "The World is a Handkerchief" Project

After the exhibition at London Print Studio Galley, London, UK, the international collaborative project “The World is a Handkerchief,” in which Katerina Kyselica participates with her piece "Healing by Primary Intention," is coming to New York City! The project, which features a collection of handkerchiefs exploring the notions of homeland, family, displacement and identity, will be be presented at the Gallery 20|20, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, March 15-22, 2020. View the entire project "The World is a Handkerchief" on Instagram: @theworldisahandkerchief.

August 13, 2019

Katerina Kyselica at Dieu Donne Workshop

Katerina has received a unique opportunity to attend a four-day workshop at the prestigious handmade paper workshop and gallery Dieu Donne. In collaboration with master paper maker Amy Jacobs, Katerina has been working on two new projects while exploring the potential of handmade paper. Follow her progress on Instagram

July 24, 2019

Communications for Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Vaclav Havel Library Foundation to develop content and communicate their upcoming 2019 REHEARSAL FOR TRUTH THEATER FESTIVAL and 30 YEARS OF FREEDOM GALA in New York City. 

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