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Kyselica Art & Design Studio New York (KADS NY)

KADS New York is an art and design studio based in New York City founded in 2013 by artist and designer Katerina Kyselica. The studio provides clients with custom solutions for creative communications, including graphic design, content development and visual presentations.


KATERINA KYSELICA, PRINCIPAL, was born and raised in the Czech Republic. She ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ brings a unique combination of art and design expertise, business knowledge and passion for creative endeavors. She graduated with a law degree from the prestigious Charles University in Prague, and later received her BFA from the VCU School of the Arts in Virginia. She developed and managed multinational projects in Europe and complex architectural projects in the US before she set up her own practice assisting cultural non-profit organizations and institutions in need of visual narratives to communicate their mission. 


Katerina served as a managing editor for Celebrating Print Magazine (2015-2018), the only source for Central European fine art print and printmaking. Her writings on art and design appeared in the Journal of the Print World (U.S.), Grapheion (Czech Republic), Celebrating Print (US), Arts&Antiques (Czech), MF Dnes (Czech), (Czech) and She served as a member of the Advisory Board for the Czech Center New York, and was a member of the Association of Print Scholars.

TANYA SILVERMAN, WRITER, concentrates in culture, arts and travel. She graduated from Binghamton University (2008) with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, and received her Master’s Degree in Central European Comparative Studies at Charles University in Prague (2018). Whether absorbing the aesthetic energy of a work or interviewing artists about their visions, she excels at channeling the complexities behind creations into palatable prose. With a worldly outlook and record in leading editorial teams to generate multimedia materials, Tanya applies her cultivated communications skills to produce content that reflects clients’ goals. Tanya was the article editor for Celebrating Print Magazine(2015-2018). She worked at BreakThru Radio (2013-2015) and has contributed articles to Roadtrippers, MapQuest ParachuteBrooklyn Exposed and the Deli Portland