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CELEBRATING PRINT is a biannual publication on fine art print and printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe, published by KADS New York. The publication features original writings, including essays, scholarly articles, projects and interviews accompanied by high quality reproductions and photo stories.

Individual printed and digital editions of the CELEBRATING PRINT Magazine are available for purchase via our website or on the magazine's website at There are two options to buy the magazine, depending on your shipping address: if you want to receive the magazine in the USA, select "Celebrating Print USA." For deliveries outside the USA, please select "Celebrating Print World." SHIPPING & HANDLING INCLUDED.

NOVEMBER 2018 (Volume 4, Number 1-2)

98 pages, full color, perfect bound

On Mark-Making. Dora Maurer's Systemic Alchemy and Kinetic Captures, by Emese Revesz

Collections from Behind the Iron Curtain: The Baruch Foundation, by Barbara Kalwajtys

Viktor Hulik: The Brink of Order and Chaos, by Eva Trojanova

In Crossing the Dreams to Unnamed Reality, by Endi Poskovic

Immersed in the 2018 International Print Triennial Krakow, by Katerina Kyselica

Driven to Create: Bojan Golija's Exhaustive and Varied Printmaking, by Breda Skrjanec

Intimately Constructing Pillars of Compassion, by Eva Hnatova

New Variants in the Continuum of Polish Art Poster, by Dorota Folga-Januszewska

The Ambivalence of Solitude and Perseverance of Existentialist Thought, by jelena Petrovic

The Precarious Process of Hand-Printing the Whales, by Zuzana Ruzickova

OCTOBER 2017 (Volume 3, Number 2)

76 pages, full color, perfect bound

Jan Krizek's Prints as Two-Dimensional Sculptures, by Anna Pravdova

Prints and Politics: The Mako Graphic Artists' Colony, by Krisztina Uveges

Vladimir Boudnik and Czech Structural Printmaking, by Jiri Bernard Krticka

The Topography of Life: Janez Knez, A Printmaker, by Breda Skrjanec

Tajtania's Architectural Illusions and Layered Memories, by Tatiana Potts

APRIL 2017 (Volume 3, Number 1)

76 pages, full color, perfect bound

Fortuity of Making and Print Tradition in Josip Butkovic's Practice, by Darko Glavan

For Dusan Kallay, Everything Relates to Everything Else, by Katerina Kyselica

Vincent Hloznik's Dreams, by Emily O'Leary

A Subconscious Key to Ordering the World: The Artist's Book in Poland, by Dorota Folga-Januszewska

Jan Mericka's Screen Printed Transcriptions of Human Motion, by Katerina Kyselica

21 Fragments of Yesterday and Tomorrow, by Eva Nikolova

Print and Space as an Enduring Challenge, by Mario Causic

OCTOBER 2016 (Volume 2, Number 2)

80 pages, full color, perfect bound

Vladimir Gazovic's Carousels of Life, by Eva Trojanova

Defied Traditions and Technological Trends: The Chronology of Hungarian Printmaking, by Julia Meszaros

Sensing Beyond Seeing: Pictorial Meaning in Prints by Alena Kucarova, Marie Blabolilova and Romana Rotterova, by Barbora Kundracikova

Kamila Stanclova on Inspiration, Dreams and the Scent of Wood, by Katerina Kyselica

Ana Vivoda, Traces, by Ana Vivoda

APRIL 2016 (Volume 2, Number 1)

84 pages, full color, perfect bound

Printmaking as a Phenomenon of Thinking, by Dorota Folga-Januszewska

Modern Universalism Revived: Linocut Portraits by Joanna Piech-Kalarus, by Barbora Kundracikova

Alems, Tobaccos Leaves and Puppets: Zdenka Golob's Printmaking Journey, by Breda Skrjanec

Jiri Lindovsky on the Technical Mystery and Creative Intelligence, by Katerina Kyselica

Ewa Budka: The Skin I Have Been Living In, by Ewa Budka

OCTOBER 2015 (Volume 1, Number 1)

76 pages, full color, perfect bound

Slovenian Printmaking: A Journey Through Six Decades, by Breda Skrjanec

In a Space Where Each Dot Matters, by Alena Laufrova, translated by Katerina Kyselica

Christopher Nowicki's Take on Mezzotint, Teaching and the Raven, by Rada Nita

In Krakow, Printmaking Persists With Tradition and Experimentation, by Katarzyna Haber

Letterist Eduard Ovcacek Continues Into the Digital Age, by Katerina Kyselica

Exploring the Physical State of the Matrix, by Lenka Vilhelmova

Print Collages in the Third Dimension, Revering Jiri Kolar, by Katerina Kyselica

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